Tissue Array

Oligo-DNA microarrays are now widely used to analyze expressions (mRNA: sensetranscript) of various genes. Recently, non-coding RNAs such as miRNA and anti-sense transcripts of genes, which have been found to be involved in the control of gene expression (trait difference), have also become targets for microarray analysis. However, microarray per se does not provide information on the localization of these RNAs in organs/tissues, which is indispensable in elucidating the function of the gene.

TGL provides tissue arrays of various strains of animals to facilitate a more efficient characterization of gene expression. First, TGL performs a preliminary analysis of a tissue array lot for hybridization competency using protaimin1 probe. Then, the customer is provided only with array lots that passed the preliminary check. All available tissue arrays of animals/strains are listed below. In addition, TGL also provides tissue arrays of knock-out mouse strains developed by Riken. For further information, please contact us.

The tissue arrays for in situ hybridization are produced using Matsunami glass slides.

Mouse (Kiwa Laboratory Animals Co. Ltd)

Rat (Kiwa Laboratory Animals Co. Ltd)

Guinea Pig (Kiwa Laboratory Animals Co. Ltd)


Silkworm (NIAS)

Zebra fish (AB line)

The strain that TGL provides is the one used for Zebra fish genome sequencing.

Medaka (HdrR line)

The strain that TGL provides is the one used for Medaka genome sequencing.