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DNA analysis

DNA sequencing

SNP genotyping is provided for customers in Japan. DNA sequencing is conducted in our partner company; this is done with 150bp pair-end sequencing.

SNP analysis

SNP genotyping is provided for customers in Japan.

Analysis of SNP genotyped data (available from inside/outside of Japan)

GWAS(Genome Wide Association Study)

manhattan plot

Analysis of Genome Structure in a population (STRUCTURE)

structure plot

Analysis of individual genetic relatedness


Principal Component Analysis(PCA)

pca graph

Genome Alteration Analysis (coming soon)

Genome Alteration between cells, for example, between cancer cells and normal cells, between passages of IPS cells is examined with “PED” program. The accuracy of the examination with PED is found to be higher that performed with GATK, Samtools, or Pindel. The accuracy examination was done using a plant genome and its artificially modified genome. This examination will be submitted to a journal for publication.